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If you have any questions about the resources or would be interested in getting involved as collaborators on research projects, please get in touch with:

Dr Joan Ma
Senior Lecturer
Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences
Queen Margaret University
EH21 6UU
Scotland, UK

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (+44) 131 474000

USES Workshops

We currently do no thave dates for future workshop at the moment, but you can either join us at one of the ultrasound dabble day or leave your details here on this form and we will get in touch with you about future workshops.



Participate in Research Projects

Study 1: Calling for Service users and carers with lived experience of swallowing difficulties and Speech and Language Therapy

We are currently conducting a study to find out about your experience of speech and language therapy clinical service in managing swallowing difficulties, and listen to your thoughts on the potential use of ultrasound evaluation of swallowing as a clinical tool.

We are looking for

- a person living with swallowing difficulties or who may develop swallowing difficulties due to a known medical diagnosis


- a family caregiver or family member of a person living with swallowing difficulties or who may develop swallowing difficulties due to a known medical diagnosis

- Age 18 or above

- Have engaged with speech and language therapy services in the UK linked to swallowing difficulties

- Able to participate in an interview

You will be asked to 

- take part in a one-to-one interview to discuss your personal experience with speech and language therapy services in managing swallowing difficulties

- Watch a 3-minute video on ultrasound evaluation of swallowing

- Share your thoughts on how that might be useful for the clinical services linked to swallowing difficulties

The interview is expected to be between 30 to 60 minutes

It can take place either online or at Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh) (Travel cost will be reimbursed)

If you are interested in participating, please email Joan Ma at [email protected]

Study 2: Help us understand swallowing in Parkinson's

This study measures swallowing movements in the mouth, to investigate the effects of Parkinson's in people with no swallowing problems.

We're developing ultrasound as an exciting new swallowing assessment tool and interested in involving people with Parkinson's.

Findings will help us understand swallowing in Parkinson's, may lead to earlier identification of problems, and could help select treatments to prolong healthy swallowing in Parkinson's in the future. This study could help develop Ultrasound Evaluation of Swallowing as an accessible clinical assessment that is suitable for people with Parkinson's.

Who are we looking for?

1. You have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

2. You have no current or past swallowing difficulties.

3. You have no history of any other neurological conditions or oro-facial abnormalities that might affect your swallowing function.

What’s involved:

One session, 40-60 minutes.

At: Swallow Vision Lab, Queen Margaret University, Musselburgh.

We’ll ask you to drink water & eat custard of varying volumes, with an ultrasound headset fitted to record swallowing.

Short questionnaire about swallowing/your views

£ - We will cover all travel costs.

Participation in this study is entirely voluntary, you are free to withdraw at any time during the session.

Your participation is greatly appreciated!


Contact Gemma Cartney

for more information and to sign up.

Email: [email protected] or

Phone: 07960093750

Or sign up online now at: